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What is Emergency Loans?

If you are stuck and facing urgent financial problems then emergency loans are short-term loans for you.
Simply signup with OfferMeLoan and contact to Active Financers. They are waiting live to help you!


Instant Medical Loan

At OfferMeLoan you can have multiple financers who are willing to help you in your Emergency Medical Situations with Low ROI.


Cash Personal Loan

Chat with Multiple Financers to get Loan in Cash. We have Financers who can provide you Unsecured Loan after verification.


Business Project Loan

Waiting to start your Startup? Simply Register with OfferMeLoan and share your project with Financers to Get Started.

What is Secured Loans?

The Secured loans are Long Term loans which are backed with something of value that you own.
This is called mortgage/collateral. Such as your vehicle or other valuable property or jewelry.
OfferMeLoan gives you the best Financers to deal with in LongTerm Loans.


Personal Loan

OfferMeLoan Secured loans normally have lower interest rates because the loan is less of a risk for bank due to Mortgage.


Business / StartUp Loan

If you're looking to Kickstart your new business or further enhance the output of your existing one, OfferMeLoan is the right choice.


Project Loan

Project Loans are approved with a lot of Business Financials, If you have all Project Proposal ready then Signup Today.


Education / Student Loan

If you are seeking to study in aboard and unable to do so then you need a Sponser. Signup to Convience Financers Today.


Vehicle/Car Loan

Everyone has a Dream Car wish to fullfill OneDay. Make that day as Today & Signup to get Best offers on Car Loan.


Home Loan

Get rid of Home on Rent & Lets make one of yours Owned with OfferMeLoan. We Help you get best Home Loan Offers.


Traveling Loan

Travel with your friends and Family anywhere in the world, OfferMeLoan helps you to get best Interest Loans.


Gold Loan

OfferMeLoan gives you financers who can offer you higher returns on Gold Loan with Instant Payments.


Agriculture Loan

Being a Farmer its tuff to deal with Farming without Funds, Get instant help or investment from Financers Today.


Property/Mortgage Loan

If you have Property to mortgage, you have Banks Ready on Door. We help you to get Best Financers with low ROI.


Wedding Loan

OfferMeLoan helps you to get Live Financers to provide Instant Loan for Wedding so Relax and Signup Today & Start Arrangements.


Shopping Loan

Do you wish to Purchase New Mobile, Furniture, Home Appliances, Business Equipments? Have us to Help you.


Medical Loan

We provide you the best Offers on Medical Loan with Low Rate of Interest compared to Banks. Signup Today!


Holiday Loan

Seeking Money for Holiday? Dont worry & Fix your location. We can help you with Hundreds of Financers Today!


Loan on Policy, Share, FD

Having Policy, Shared & FD Helps you to get additional loans with your creditibility. We can offer you Today!

What is UNSecured Loans?

Unsecured Loans are offers without any Property Collateral or Mortgage with you.
Its your Creditibility which helps you to get the Loan without Assets.
OfferMeLoan Helps yu to get the best UnSecured Cash Loans from Multiple Financers within No Time.


Personal Cash Loan

Get Personal Loan without any Mortage or Asset to Lock with Financers. With OfferMeLoan you can Financers ready with Cash.


Business Loan

OfferMeLoan helps you to get Capital Loan for Business Expansion or Clearing Debts without loosing any Property.


PayDay Loan

PayDay Loans are relatively small amount of money lent at a high rate of interest on the agreement. Signup to Try!


Cash Advance

With Cash Advance you can clear your Debts or Manage your Emergency Instantly. OfferMeLoan helps you to get Financers Online.


Signature Loan

It is also known as faith loan or character loan offered by banks & financers that uses only your signature and promise to pay as collateral.


Students Loan

Seeking to learn but unable to learn? Ask for Help with Active Financers at OfferMeLoan and get your Education Persuing. Signup Today!


Peer to Peer Dept Loans

Its a method of debt financing that enables you to borrow and lend money without use of an official financial institution.


Term Loan

A term loan is a monetary loan that is repaid in regular payments over a set period of time. Get best ROI for it?


StartUp Loan

Help your Startup executed with proper financing, we help you get Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors to Invest.

What is Credit Card?

A credit card allows you to borrow money from a bank to make purchases such as Shopping or Making bill Payments,
whether you’re buying a Soft Drink or a Ticket to London.
As long as you pay back the money you borrow within the “grace period” of 40-50 days, you don’t have to pay extra.
If you don’t pay it back in that time period, you’ll have to pay interest to the Bank.


Apply for Credit Card

If you are failing to get Credit Cards from Banks due to lack of Cibil Score then OfferMeLoan helps you to get the Credit Card.
Signup with OfferMeLoan and wait for the Financers, Banks to reach you with your Submitted Profile. We assure you to get the Cards on your Creditability.